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  • Get access to up to $2,000
  • Single fixed transaction fee of 5%
  • No ongoing costs

BeforePay Payday Loans

Small loans starting at $50 to $1,000

New customers can borrow up to $1,000 while existing customers can borrow up to $2,000. There is no minimum loan required at BeforePay. The only fee included is the one-time 5% fixed transaction fee per loan.

As an example, suppose you take a loan of $500. Your total repayment would be $525, which already includes a one-time fee of 5% x $500 = $25.

There are also no monthly fees, default fees, and early repayment fees. In BeforePay’s website there are no mentions of minimum and maximum terms for loans as well as specific establishment fees. Customers will need to enquire directly to know more about these details.

Note: Information above are accurate and are based from the data in BeforePay’s site as of November 2023.

Application Process

The application process for Beforepay’s Pay On Demand is done through the company’s mobile app or you can also easily apply for a loan using this form. To process your loan application, upload the following information and requirements on the app:

  • Phone number (for the app download)
  • A bank account details with at least two months’ wages deposited into it.
  • Online banking information to provide Beforepay access to your information.

Once Beforepay gains access to your bank account, it will determine when your pay typically arrives and how much payday cash advance you can afford. Then, you can withdraw the cash right away using your preferred banking account.

To be eligible for the Beforepay Pay On Demand loan, you should:

  • Be employed and earning more than $300 per week after tax
  • Be paid regularly on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis
  • Be classified as a full-time, part-time, casual, contractual, or on-demand worker by your employer
  • Be receiving a salary to a bank account that is linked to Beforepay account (not deposited to a savings account)
  • Pass the financial assessment conducted by Beforepay (after analysis of income and spending behaviour).

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About BeforePay Loans

Beforepay is a payday lender and budgeting tool that enables you to access up to $1,000 of your salary before payday. The company was founded in 2019 and had headquarters in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

The company’s customer service can be contacted daily from 9 AM to 5 PM AEST. The company’s ABN is 45636670525.

Notable Loan Product Features

One of the notable loan product features of Beforepay Pay On Demand is that loan or cash advance proceeds can be withdrawn instantly (provided you pass the company’s assessment).

In addition, repayments automatically match your income schedule through an auto-debit arrangement set up by Beforepay. Repayment can also be made in four equal instalments over your next four payday cycles. This helps you keep control of finances being transferred in and out of your account.  There are also no other fees involved other than a 5% fixed transaction fee.

Besides being a platform to process your loan application, the Beforepay app also provides a custom budget schedule to help you manage your spending. Managing your spending habits could help you sort your finances and prevent you from getting into debt in the future.

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The Company: Beforepay



  • Speedy loan application process and loan approval for users.
  • App-based loan application, approval, and fund withdrawal
  • Budget tracker using the mobile app
  • Transparent and manageable fixed processing fee of 5% per amount loaned


  • Mobile App error that usually takes payment before the actual payday cycle or does not reflect exact payment dates.
  • Unresponsive customer service.

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