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Loan eligibility and repayment terms are two things you must always consider. Final rates and interest will still depend on the lender who accepts your loan application.

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Two things you won’t have to worry about when using Friendly Finance are (1) If you will be able to find a lender that fits your needs; and (2) If your data is secured. Here at Friendly Finance, we use cutting-edge technology that makes our process easier, faster, and safe.

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After submitting your data, we will match you with the best lender that fits your requirements and eligibility. With Friendly Finance, there will be no need for you to submit multiple loan applications. We do the heavy lifting for you!

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More About Friendly Finance

Friendly Finance is your online helping hand in consumer finance. Our mission is to help Australian consumers make informed financial decisions, by providing topical content and useful info on the most common consumer finance products. We also provide a free, no-obligation loan search to all visitors. We service both short term loans from $100 – $5,000 as well as larger personal loans up to $15,000.

Our Vision

We want to become Australia’s number one trusted source and one-stop-shop for consumer finance information and knowledge. We work closely with financial organisations to help them better understand the needs of Australian consumers.
By concentrating our efforts in consumer finance, instead of being a generalist in many different areas, all of our expertise is channelled towards finding the most relevant and useful consumer finance products, news, and information.

Our experience

Our confidence in our ability to deliver you the highest quality comparisons arises from our decades of experience in the financial services. We have first-hand experience using these financial products, so intimately understand the mechanics of how they work. We have also spent years working directly with consumers of these products, so we’re also able to translate potentially confusing financial terminology into simple terms that make sense.
This makes us your leading and trusted online source of consumer finance, information, news, knowledge, tips, and advice.

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