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At one point or another, life’s unexpected expenses rear their heads, adding to the already stressful day-to-day worries. As luck would have it, this often happens when payday is too far away.

Maybe you need to repair your car or have an out-of-town emergency. Whatever your circumstance, a same day loan can bridge the gap and put cash in your hands when you need it most.

Friendly Finance Australia can help pave the way to easy-access same day loans. We’re here to help you out when life gives you lemons, and our same day loans could be the blender you need to make some lemonade!

What Are Same Day Loans?

Same day loans are a loan option that could have money in your bank account on the very same day you apply for it. When you need cash quickly, this type of financial offering is very appealing.

We understand that it’s often not practical for you to wait days for a loan to come through when you have an emergency. That’s what makes same-day loans so great – there’s no waiting and worrying.

These kinds of loans have the quickest application and approval times, so if you need it now, this is the way to go!

Why Choose Same Day Loans?

When you compare same day loans to other loan alternatives, the speed of the loan process is a big advantage. The application will be completed online, and you’ll usually receive an instant decision to say whether your application has been approved. If your application was successful, you’ll sign your agreement right there and then (electronically), and the cash will be on its way to your bank account.

The typical same day loan has a duration of 4 to 12 weeks and is one of the most flexible loan options. They’re designed to meet your unique situational needs and they also allow for early repayments, which means you can get that pesky monthly expense off your plate as soon as possible. You’ll also have the certainty of knowing exactly how much you need to repay for the duration of the loan, with no unpleasant surprises along the way.

We endeavour to make sure that the application is as straightforward as possible and that there are no unnecessary roadblocks. We want the process to be easy, with all the relevant information being presented to you in a way that flows and is easy to understand.

The most important thing for us is making the entire process of applying for same day loans transparent. We guarantee there are no sudden, unexpected fees or any hidden charges. You’ll know the exact financial breakdown of your same day loan before you even agree to accept it, so it’s entirely on your own terms – you’ll have plenty of options before you borrow, so you can choose what’s best for you.

How Do I Apply?

At Friendly Finance, the application is hassle-free and the entire process can be completed online. Any documentation required can be uploaded and submitted online, eliminating the need for bank visits and consultant meetings. Everything you need to do can be done in front of your own computer in less than 5 minutes!

To qualify for instant cash loans through Friendly Finance, you should meet our minimum requirements, which are as follows:

Be at least 18 years old.
Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
Have a regular income (that has been paid into your account for at least 3 months).
Have an internet banking account.
If you are receiving Centrelink payments and you find yourself needing some extra financial assistance, we can still help you with a loan. Most of the time, Centrelink benefits are considered as a portion of income. We can help you with a loan if your government benefits don’t account for more than 50% of your total monthly income.

As long as you meet our requirements, you can apply online at any time and be a step closer to financial assistance.

When Will I Get The Cash?

When your same day loan is approved, the money will be deposited into your bank account during the same day, provided it has been approved early in the day. If you bank with the same bank, the cash could reflect within minutes of the deposit being made. If you do not share the same bank, then the transfer could take up to 24 hours to reflect.

In some cases, loans applications that have been processed very late in the day may only receive their cash the following day, depending on whether or not the transfer is made before close of business. The time taken for the cash to come through will always vary depending on what bank you use, and this is out of the hands of the lender!

All You Need to Know About Repaying Same Day Loans

All payments are done via debit order on the agreed-upon day, which is usually the day you get paid. The total amount that you’d need to repay would be stipulated on your loan agreement, as well as the details of your monthly debit order amount.

The agreement will include the fees and charges for late payment penalties too, in case you happen to miss a payment. Not repaying your loan on time could decrease your credit rating and make it difficult to qualify for finance with other credit providers, so we recommend making sure you have enough in your account each month to cover your repayment!


Same day loans are a fast and easy solution when circumstances suddenly change and you need a helping hand. Friendly Finance is here to support you through the tough weeks until your next payday, and we’ll make sure you choose the right loan option for your situation.

If you have questions about same day loans or what would be best for you, get in touch! We’re always happy to hear from new customers and do what we can to assist you. For more information on loans you can also visit the government website

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