How to finance home improvements

Financing Home Improvements

Home improvement projects can be very exciting. From improving the garden to redoing the kitchen, they present the opportunity to reinvent your living space by putting a personal touch on your home. Funding such a project is less exciting, however. Renovation can be expensive, and many projects do not get off the ground due to

Credit accounts – how many should you have?

Credit Card Debt Consolidation

It’s often a question that comes up, and not many of us know the answer to. Credit accounts build the framework for any credit score. With little or no credit activity, you will struggle to obtain a credit score depending on the scoring model. Whether you have one account or ten, you may have wondered

How to stay healthy on a budget

Staying healthy on a budget

According to the Parliamentary Budget Office, the number of students being issued loans to put themselves through university has grown by 11.2% annually over the past five years. Looking back since 2010, the numbers have grown from 308,000 to 522,000 in 2015. That’s a growth rate of 59%, which means that many millennials will be

Glossary of financial terms in Australia

Personal Loan from blocks

A Amortisation: The process of gradually decreasing the amount of debt by regularly meeting repayments over time. This process can also be referred to as the depreciation of debt. Annual Fee: A fee charged by your creditor for use of the account or service. An annual fee is associated most commonly with the use of

Mobile banking and staying safe

Mobile banking and how to stay safe

Smartphone technology and application innovations are changing the way consumers interact with products. Laptops and computers are no longer the main devices we use to browse. Research suggests that 75% of us will choose to only use smartphones to access the internet by 2025. Our decision to choose (and stay loyal) to certain services is

Budgeting money in 10 easy steps

Creating a budget and saving

Money comes and goes as they say. It’s far more rewarding to watch the cents stack up in your bank account as opposed to seeing them depleted each month. Let’s face it, living from pay slip to pay slip every fortnight isn’t such a great feeling. As we live in a society of ‘buy now

A friendly guide to car insurance

Car Insurance Online Guide

Looking for a car insurance policy is less appealing than shopping for a car. We think most people will agree, there are so many different options available, and not one clearly defined policy that’s the obvious choice. Be wary of the cheapest options in the market, because these policies might not be right for your

Interest rates explained

Interest rates explained

Australian Lenders are obligated to undergo affordability assessments on all applicants before offering a loan. If you are planning on applying for a loan, we advise you first assess your own ‘affordability’ to ensure you are confident you will be able to make the repayments in the time period agreed. Compare your current financial income

The cheapest way to get to work

Cost of travelling to work

Travelling to work is something most of us must do with the time and ease of our commute playing a role in major life decisions. For example, we may opt to turn down an exciting job offer if the new office is too far away. Commuting also costs money whatever mode of transport we take,

Legal information

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